Weathering the Storm: Integrating Climate Risks into Infrastructure Financing

Symposium C4


The impacts of a changing climate are already placing added stress on critical infrastructure, as we have recently seen during severe weather events affecting several populous and economically important coastal cities in the US (Houston, Miami, Tampa), as well as in heavily populated areas around the world (Bangladesh; Mumbai, India). Safeguarding communities’ physical and economic well-being will require improving the climate resilience of existing and new infrastructure.
Financing an infrastructure project is often complicated and involves a number of different types of financial sources. Many infrastructure projects are public-private partnerships, with funding from governments and municipalities as well as from banks and funds that specialize in financing infrastructure. These types of investors are poised to play an important role in promoting the integration of climate considerations into existing and new infrastructure.
This session explores how infrastructure banks and other investors can specifically begin to integrate climate risks into their infrastructure investment decision-making to ensure those investments are more physically and financially resilient. Our presenters will discuss:
The challenges and opportunities of integrating climate risks into infrastructure investments, including the role of data and analytics, standards, and policies at national, state, and local levels,
Why it is in the best interest of investors to enable resilience within their infrastructure investments, and thus enable transformative adaptation in the infrastructure sector, and
Practical application of approaches to integrate climate risk considerations, as well as needed next steps.

Dr. Yoon Kim, Four Twenty Seven, Director of Advisory Services
Ms. Emilie Mazzacurati, Four Twenty Seven, Founder and CEO
Ms. Stacy Swann, Climate Finance Advisors, Founding Partner and CEO
Lisa Dickson, Director of Resilience for the Americas, ARUP


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