Visualization Tool for Decision-Making in Coastal Communities


Rita Teutonico, Florida International University
Shahin Vassigh, Florida International University
Marilys Nepomechie, Florida International University


We propose a conference session to identify key technologies, critical data, required expertise, and strategies for developing a visualization tool that supports decision-making for resilient urban infrastructure in coastal cities. We aim to use the conference session to create a collaborative space for architects, engineers, urban planners and scientists to share their vision of an effective decision-making tool and its development stages.

To initiate the project, we will focus on the one-mile long historic district of Miami Beach as a test bed. The conference discussions will be structured to examine various modeling techniques, simulation applications, ways of incorporating Building Information Modeling Systems, GIS, and data management systems. Our objectives are to establish a framework for collaboration and partnership, identify clear description of variables, examine information structure for processing, and investigate suitable analytical tools that would lead to creation of a novel tool.

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