Vacant to Vibrant: Great Lakes repurposing of vacant land for community and ecosystem benefit and resilience


Geri Unger, TerrAqua Environment and Science, LLC, Principal Investigator
Ms. Sandra Albro, M.S., Holden Forests and Gardens, Research Manager


Vacant to Vibrant has been working since 2011 with post-industrial cities in the Great Lakes Basin.  These post-industrial cities struggle with land use challenges including vacant residential neighborhoods.  These changes were brought about by demographic shifts, loss of employment, and loss of home ownership during the housing crisis.  How can ecosystem services be restored to these communities by green infrastructure development that includes community access and use, watershed protection, and possible employment and educational opportunities?  Can the scientific, academic, and regulatory community work with community residents and resources for greater resilience in urban communities?   These questions will be considered during the workshop on Vacant to Vibrant.

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