Unlocking Private Capital to Finance Sustainable Infrastructure


Communities throughout the United States are facing unprecedented infrastructure challenges including compromised energy, water, and transportation systems. This is more than just a matter of inconvenience. Unless addressed, decades of neglect and lack of investment will result in loss of business sales, reduced jobs and wages, and negative impacts to the country’s GDP. This crisis cannot be solved by reallocating existing funds – there is an estimated $1.4 trillion gap in funding required to meet infrastructure needs.

The infrastructure funding gap presents an unmatched opportunity to invest in infrastructure that is sustainable and meets the needs of the 21st century. Sustainable infrastructure can provide critical infrastructure services that grow economies, while also providing environmental and social benefits to communities. Governments, working in partnership with private investors, can lead the way in addressing barriers to financing sustainable infrastructure projects in ways that work towards increasing the scale of the market.

To address barriers inhibiting private capital from flowing towards sustainable infrastructure, public sector actors responsible for planning and financing sustainable infrastructure must:

Identify suitable funding models;
Standardize performance measurement;
Manage risks appropriately, and;
Facilitate effective stakeholder engagement.

EDF’s symposium will examine each component of the investment design framework included in our new report, “Unlocking Private Capital to Finance Sustainable Infrastructure.” Representatives from organizations featured in the report’s case studies will share their sustainable infrastructure experiences and explore how their projects tie in to the investment design framework.



Dakota Gangi, Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing Manager, EDF
Shannon Cunniff, Director, Coastal Resilience, EDF
Eric Letsinger, MBA, CEO, Quantified Ventures
Sarah Davidson, NY Green Bank, A Division of NYSERDA
Adam Ortiz, Director Department of the Environment for Prince George’s County, MD

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