University Engagement with the Global Resilient Imperative


In our increasingly turbulent world, universities have huge potential to engage with non-academic stakeholders to advance resilience of all kinds at multiple levels including strengthening individual resilience, community resilience, infrastructure resilience, and eco-systems resilience.  Institutions of higher education hold a unique position in society as critically important places of knowledge production, analysis, and knowledge dissemination. In addition, institutions of higher education have unique potential to encourage synthesis and integration of different types of knowledge and to enhance the application of knowledge for social change. This session explores the potential for university initiatives focused on strengthening resilience.  The Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University, a leading a university-wide interdisciplinary effort to advance resilience-related initiatives that contribute to the security, sustainability, health and well-being of societies, provides an example of the potential of engaged academic work in this critically important area.



Dr Jennie C Stephens, PhD, Global Resilience Institute, Northeastern University


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