Testing resilience policy: What science is needed to define best practice, assess outcomes, and anticipate resilience change?


Addressing today’s science infrastructure needs (research, monitoring, decision-support interpretation and information access) is critical to the NCSE goals to “achieve the Nation’s sustainability goals, demonstrate low and zero carbon development, mitigate human impact on the environment, and advance a strong, stable economy.”  This session will engage the policy and science communities in a discussion of possible science and policy frameworks, and resilience measurements for assessing and tracking change in environmental and socio-economic resilience.  What science is needed to support the challenging policy and management decisions of the next decade?  How should an information base be established and shared?  Speakers will briefly address these topics and encourage discussion of the most pressing issues at the science, resilience, and policy interface.



Peter S Murdoch, Science Advisor, Northeast Region, US Geological Survey
Susan Taylor, Senior Associate, Abt associates
Rick Bennett, Regional Scientist, Northeast Region, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Carl Shapiro, Director, USGS Science and Decisions Center, US Geological Survey
Kim Penn, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Bhaskaran Subramanian, PhD, Chief, Shoreline Conservation Service Department of Natural Resources


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