Sustainability and Resilience in Smart Cities

Symposium A3


Smart and connected technologies are quickly being developed, tested, and deployed across all sectors of the society and economy – transportation, utilities and energy, health, facilities, education, public safety, and others. While these advances have the power to bring about significant improvements in the management, implementation, and maintenance of these systems, it is critical for long term viability and progress that they are developed with an eye towards sustainability considering changing climatic conditions and growing urban populations. Many smart systems can be designed to ensure greater levels of resilience across systems and regions or cities. While sustainability and resilience are goals of many of the new systems and technologies that are being developed and deployed, they are often secondary or indirect benefits of Smart City implementation. This symposium will explore how a variety of organizations are developing both smart and sustainable technologies or tools. Panelists will briefly present on case studies and perspectives on smart and connected technologies or data for urban systems and how they are or might contribute to a more resilient Smart City. Then all will participate in an information exchange and conversation on how Smart Cities programs can make resilience and sustainability more prominent and effective components.

Tanya Maslak, Battelle Memorial Institute (moderator)
Dominie Garcia, Smart Cities Program Lead, Battelle Memorial Institute
Brenna Berman, Executive Director, City Digital
Shahan Haq, Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX), American Geophysical Union
Samuel Tabory, Sustainable Healthy Cities Network, University of Minnesota

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