Concurrent Sessions - Group E Flash Talk

S-E4: FLASH TALK – Innovation in Resilience: physical, financial, and metrics

Omni Shoreham January 9, 2019 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Flash Talk sessions are a new addition to the NCSE Annual Conference. During each Flash Talk, four of five presenters will deliver a 10 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes Q&A with the audience. At the conclusion of the final presentation, the audience will once again be able to ask questions of the presenters.

Presentations focus on a similar theme. This Flash Talk session will bring together presentations on new and innovated ideas in resilience. Stop by this exciting session to hear the following presentations:

Reducing Extreme Weather in Mid-Latitudes with Reflective Sand in the Arctic
Roman Decca, Strategy & Engineering, Ice911 Research

The System of Accounts for Global Entropy Production, (SAGE-P) to Measure of Sustainable Infrastructure and Resilience
Anthony Marcus Friend, Ph.D., Director, OIKO∑: Centre for Research in Non-Linear Accounting, Ottawa, Canada

Advancing resilient solar power and fuel cell infrastructure in Economically Depressed Areas Utilizing Tax Credit Programs
Keith Baker, Faculty, North Lake College, Chair of Curriculum for Mortgage Banking and Financial Services for Dallas County Community College District

Building Disaster Resilient Universities
Andre Le Duc, Cheif Resilience Office and Associate Vice President, University of Oregon

Quantitative Resilience Assessments of Built Infrastructure
Jeremy Gregory, PhD, Research Scientist, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Executive Director, Concrete Sustainability Hub, Massachusetts Institute of Technology