Perspectives in sustainable resilience: Integrating Earth observation data into community-level processes

Symposium C16


This symposium will provide scenarios that highlight the linkages among using Earth observation data to measure, monitor, and evaluate environmental change and the global network of actors that rely on this data for building and sustaining resilient communities. Understanding that environmental change affects governments, populations, and economies, this symposium will explore perspectives from actors in the insurance sector, city resilience planners, and policy makers, and the role that NASA Earth observation tools play in supporting decisions related to these actors and in building and sustaining community resilience.


Shanna N. McClain, Ph.D., NASA, AAAS Fellow
David S. Green, Ph.D., NASA, Program Manager, Disasters
Mr. Andrew Kruczkiewicz, M.S., Research Staff Associate, International Research Institute for Climate and Society
Mr. Ron Eguchi, President and CEO of ImageCat, Inc.
Linda Langston, Director of Strategic Relations, National Association of Counties (NACo)·
Karen Jackson, Director of Recovery and Community Initiatives, Project Hospitality


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