Partnerships for Building a Sustained National Climate Assessment


Katharine Jacobs, Director, Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions, University of Arizona (Organizer)
Richard Holland Moss, Senior Scientist, Joint Global Change Research Institute, Pacific Northwest Laboratory,
University of Maryland (Organizer)
Virginia Burkett, Chief Scientist, Climate and Land Use Change, US Geological Survey (USGS), Acting
Chair, Subcommittee on Global Change Research
Admiral David Titley, Pennsylvania State University, Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk
Tim Carter, President, Second Nature
David Herring, Director of Communications, NOAA Climate Program Office
Anne Waple, Fernleaf Interactive and Studio 30K
Cathy Whitlock, University of Montana



This workshop will provide an opportunity for academics, NGOs, professional societies and the private
sector to co-design the civil society components of an evidence-based Sustained National Climate Assessment (SNCA). The concept is to build from the outside in (from the civil society side) in order to support the Federal Government, in whatever mode it is functioning at any given time, in meeting the needs of US citizens in assessing the state of science, and understanding and preparing for the impacts of climate change on all sectors and regions. Following the major engagement efforts of the Third National Climate Assessment, and in anticipation of the need for far more external support, this collaborative workshop will focus on opportunities for engagement, implementation pathways, possible resources and governance options. Suggested partners and participants can include academia, civil society, foundations, state and local governments, the private sector, and professional societies. This session is designed to help people build a structure for a process in which citizens can
help understand the impacts of climate change and how to prepare for them.

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