Optimizing Resilient Infrastructure Finance


The evermore present impacts of climate change are increasing the need for a large-scale investment in the resilience infrastructure around the globe. All traditional sources of financing for these projects like government funding, international financial institutions, banking project financing and private funding present increasing limitations of the available resources. Making existing and new infrastructure projects resilient require significant additional investments which must be justified and secured in competition with other priorities.
Identifying the most appropriate funding approach or vehicle for resilient infrastructure projects will often determine the success or failure of the project. Against this background, this Symposium presents several emerging considerations that will advance the state of play in assessing financing options for climate-resilient infrastructure across key sectors.
First, Roger Feldman of Andrews Kurth will introduce the financing options in the energy sector as it moves towards enhanced reliability and resilience.
Next, David Baxter, a leading international development consultant, will explain why public-private partnerships (PPPs), as a form of blended finance, are becoming the vehicle of choice for many infrastructure projects, both in the US and around the world.
Vladimir Antikarov of Verea Group will build on these two presentations by articulating why Real Options Analysis (ROA) is a superior methodology for evaluating the financial aspects of resilient infrastructure projects.
Finally, Ira Feldman of greentrack strategies will offer an update on emerging metrics and standards — from a range of policy, standardization and finance intiatives — that are already redefining how we think about the financing of resilient infrastructure.

Ira R. Feldman, J.D., M.Sci., Greentrack Strategies, President and Senior Counsel
Mr. Vladimir Antikarov, Verea Group, Founder & President
Mr. Roger Feldman, Andrews Kurth, Counsel

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