This past July, the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) and the Security and Sustainability Forum (SSF) joined for a discussion on systems thinking applied to both the built environment and to sustainability education programs to prepare the workforce of the future.


The webinar began with a discussion on the results of the NCSE Census Report on Sustainability Programs in Higher Education, which indicates growth and interdisciplinary development in the higher education environment and sustainability fields. Following, there were a series of presentations on infrastructure from policy, business, and educational perspectives, in lead up to the NCSE 2018 National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy, and the Environment. We invite you to view the webinar in it’s entirety, embedded below.


Featured on this webinar: 


Peter Walker, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor, Falk School of Sustainability, Chatham University



Tom Richard, Ph.D.
Director, Institutes for Energy and Environment,
Pennsylvania State University



Zach Schafer
Executive Director, Infrastructure Week



Michelle Wyman
Executive Director, National Council for Science and the Environment



Shirley Vincent, Ph.D.
Director, Education Research and Evaluation,
National Council for Science and the Environment



Science, Business and Education of Sustainable Infrastructure – Building
Resilience in a Changing World
from Security & Sustainability Forum on