Multi-Species Buildings & Infrastructure

Symposium C15


Anthropocentric built environments are destroying native ecosystems at an alarming rate. The need for continual growth is unavoidable, especially in the face of human relocation due to climate change. However, there are techniques that can be applied to reduce impact. While preserving land is important, it is not enough to offset the rate of growth, and only increases the disconnect between humans and nature. A new design strategy that allows us to coexist and create environments that meet the needs of multiple species is the next design revolution.

Jessica Rebecca Hernreich, Executive Director, Ecosa Institute for Ecological Design
Michael Ben-Eli, Ph.D., Founder, Sustainability Lab
Walt Anderson, PhD, GEOLOBO, Ecologist
Alan Francis, MS, DB Interactive Inc., Building Systems Scientist
Betsy Maddox, MS, DIRTT Environmental Solution, Interior Architect

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