Improve Collaboration for Building Resilience: Leverage Differences Among Collaborators 

Deana D. Pennington, Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso
Shirley Vincent, Principal and Owner, Vincent Evaluation Consulting, LLC
David Gosselin, Director of Environmental Studies, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Rod Parnell, Professor, School Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability, Northern Arizona University
Geoffrey Habron, Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, Furman University


Complex sustainability problems require working across disciplinary and professional boundaries. Such inter-and transdisciplinary team research is known to present a variety of unique challenges. A key challenge is the difficulty of combining deep knowledge across diverse perspectives into a system view of the problem that successfully aligns available knowledge and expertise in synergistic ways. In this workshop we will present a new approach to developing integrated conceptualizations that employs theories of experiential learning and model based reasoning. The workshop will begin with a brief review of concepts introduced in the associated symposium.  Participants will then engage in small group activities based on these concepts and discuss how their own collaboration activities can be modified to more effectively develop transdisciplinary system conceptualizations. Activities include using iterative, consensus model-building to develop a group model of the science-resource management interface for a management unit, or to develop an idealized, interdisciplinary resilience and hazards adaptation and management plan for a community.
We recommend that workshop attendees participate in S-C10 Case Studies of Employing Model Based
Reasoning to Improve Transdisciplinary Collaboration Competencies


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