Imminent Landscapes of Automation


More and more, automatic machines that act without input from humans support our society. Like animals in a zoo, these machines have their own behavior patterns and exist in their own environment. However, unlike a zoo, humans live alongside these machines with increasing frequency. When it comes to infrastructure–the physical elements that make society possible—we are still trying to understand the effects of this growing presence of automation. With this symposium, we will outline some of the larger issues around automation as they relate to infrastructure before looking more carefully at the infrastructure of driverless vehicles and e-commerce logistics. Looking at the near-future arrival of automation suggests that our current understanding of infrastructure needs to be updated to properly address the impacts that this wilderness of robots is having and will continue to have.



Jesse LeCavalier, NJIT College of Architecture and Design / LECAVALIER R + D
Esther Zipori, New Jersey Institute of Technology


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