Healthy Buildings for Everyone: Tapping into Biology to Grow the next Generation of Buildings

Symposium B16

Abstract: Imagine if we could GROW buildings the same way that Nature grows things. Imagine buildings that heal, glow and produce oxygen. It’s actually possible. In this talk, we’ll explore current efforts to make this a reality by tapping into Synthetic Biology, DNA, and biology to grow sustainable, healthy buildings for EVERYONE.
The way buildings are built today has remained relatively unchanged for nearly two hundred years. The $9 trillion a year global construction industry is responsible for nearly 60% of climate change emissions, a third of landfill waste and a shocking array of negative health effects.
Even the most advanced construction projects in the world continue to use ancient techniques of modular assembly, relying on painstaking human effort to construct dead & ancient materials of wood, steel and concrete. Construction is driven by standards and codes to ensure economy and safety, but in the process fail to protect people from larger risks.
In 2016, the XPRIZE Foundation set out to establish a “moonshot” for construction by creating the XPRIZE for Healthy Buildings. In this talk, you’ll learn how the team approached this unique opportunity to develop a way to (literally) grow buildings by fusing synthetic biology, genomics, parametric modeling and 3D printing to create a disruption and paradigm shift that could switch us from a PETRO-chemical world, to a BIO-chemical one.

Mr. Eric Corey Freed, B.Arch, LEED AP, Architect, Hon FIGP, Founding Principal of organicARCHITECT

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