Green infrastructure in Mexico: Valuing ecosystem services

Symposia B5


In this session, we look to show the advances, challenges and opportunities in Mexico to value ecosystem services in order to help Green infrastructure conservation and restoration. Four panelists, two come from the Academy, one from the government (Environmental and Natural Resources Secretary) and one from a Mexican NGO (Jacobea Foundation) will show the big opportunities that exist in this field in Mexico. They will talk about Cultural Ecosystem Services and Tourism in Natural Protected Areas and about blue carbon and mangroves ecosystem services. They will present the proposal “Paying for ecosystem services in the Sistema Lagunar de Alvarado”, a big and rich ecosystem, pushed into a huge economic and social pressure, located in the coastal region of the Gulf of Mexico. They will show some of the main programs that aim to pay for ecosystem services in Mexico, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each, emphasizing aspects that need to change within the basis of the principle the beneficiary pays.

Tania Garcia, University of Veracruz
Ana Karen Ricano, IA, Fundacion Jacobea
Isis Arlene Díaz-Carrión, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Gloria Cuevas Guillaumin, SEMARNAT Secretary of Environment

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