From Provision to Use: Closing the Gap in Climate Resilience for Critical Infrastructure

Symposium C11


People around the world rely on an interconnected infrastructure system for critical services, such as clean drinking water, reliable electricity, and access to healthcare. To provide the intended service, long-lived infrastructure must be resilient to changing climate conditions over the coming decades.
This session will highlight efforts to improve the resilience of infrastructure, driven by organizations that rely on the service, as well as those providing it. Denver Water is implementing a range of techniques to help them better understand and manage their risks, like increasing water supply variability or disruptions in service. Pacific Gas & Electric is working to integrate climate resilience across their business—from assets to operations to planning—and supporting the resilience of the communities they serve. Internationally, where a torrent of investment in power infrastructure is proceeding, Integrated Resource Resilience Planning (IRRP) in Tanzania and Ghana represent the frontier in connecting information about future climate risks, to improve longer-term power planning and to enhance power system resilience. Local communities, who are dependent on the critical infrastructure, are taking proactive approaches. In 2017, New York City released design standards to increase the resilience of City buildings and infrastructure. These design standards, as well as other a suite of other initiatives, support a robust and integrated approach to resilience planning across the city.  Panelists’ remarks will provide unique experiences to serve as the foundation for an interactive dialogue with the audience exploring new insights in practical, powerful approaches for achieving resilience in critical infrastructure.


Judsen Bruzgul, Ph.D., Domestic Energy Resilience Lead, ICF (Moderator)
Molly Hellmuth, PhD, International Energy Resilience Lead, ICF
Kit Batten, Corporate Sustainability, Climate Resilience Chief, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Alan Cohn, Managing Director, Integrated Water Management, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

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