Encouraging Stormwater Green Infrastructure Implementation: Engagement, Experience, and Economics

Symposium C5


This session will explore strategies that encourage or incentivize implementation of green infrastructure. Green infrastructure includes stormwater management practices that allow rainwater to soak into the ground close to where it falls. The Great Lakes Green Infrastructure Champions Pilot Program catalyzes the adoption of green infrastructure practices across the Great Lakes region by bringing together green infrastructure leaders and helping them share their knowledge. We will talk about how to encourage property owners to put in green practices to help control rainwater from washing pollution and dirt off of their property. We will talk about the science behind these green practices, how to explain the science surrounding these practices to people, and why people should know about them. We will show how communities can learn from one another about how to use these practices. We will show how to use Rainwater Rewards – an online and mobile friendly stormwater calculator that shows the value of green infrastructure investments in small- to medium-sized cities in the Great Lakes Basin.


Elaine Sterrett Isely, Director of Water Programs, West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC)
Erik Nordman, Grand Valley State University
Emily Therese Clyod, Project Director, Public Engagement, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Don D. Carpenter, PhD, PE, LEED AP, Drummond Carpenter

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