Co-designing Community Resilience: A hands on workshop to launch new community science projects


Melissa Goodwin, American Geophysical Union
Dr. Raj Pandya, American Geophysical Union



Join us for the chance to apply your experience, knowledge, and insight to a real-world community priority. Community science – where community leaders and scientists work together to use science to advance community priorities – has real impact in communities, promotes equity, and advances science. The Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) uses community science to address local challenges surrounding climate change, natural hazards, and natural resources – and you can too. During this workshop, you, whether you are a scientist, educator, or policymaker- will work with local community leaders to design concrete community science projects that address local resilience and sustainability priorities. The projects you design will move forward. Following this workshop, TEX will recruit volunteer scientists to work with the communities and support the projects as they make local impact. You can make a difference.

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