Climate Changes Health: Justice, Equity, Mitigation, and Activism

Symposium B13


Climate change is the greatest danger to health. Warmer weather, increased dangerous storms, and dirty air are making us sicker. We all deserve to be healthy, but climate change threatens that. While it can make everyone sick, climate change makes some of us sicker than others. Kids, older people, and neighborhoods with people of color or poor people have higher risk. They or their communities may not have the power to make decisions to prevent or prepare for climate change. Climate solutions must protect everyone, including these groups. Clean energy is one way to reduce climate change. It includes using energy from the wind and sun. It is healthier and saves money.
Scientists agree that climate change is unhealthy. However, it is hard to take action that truly makes a difference. If we bring groups together to address climate change, we can have a bigger impact. Together, we can make a difference. Participants will better understand who is most vulnerable to climate change. They will also learn about opportunities in clean energy. Lastly, they will learn how partners can help.

Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, PhD, MPH, American Public Health Association
Mrs. Surili Sutaria Patel, MS, Deputy Director, Center for Public Health Policy, American Public Health Association
Ms. Irena Gorski, MPH, Johns Hopkins University

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