Bringing climate and weather impacts knowledge to infrastructure problems: NOAA’s RISA program

Symposium C3


The NOAA Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) program supports eleven research-engagement teams across the U.S. to help decision makers build their expertise to plan and prepare more effectively for climate variability and extreme weather events.  A number of those decision makers are urban planners, city officials, water managers and others tasked with managing stormwater runoff, transportation systems, electric and water utilities, ports, commercial development, and overall city or town planning.  In addition to an overview of the RISA program’s efforts to support decision making for infrastructure-focused projects and areas for future expansion, the session will include work from four of the RISA teams based in the Mid-Atlantic, the urban Northeast corridor (Boston-New York-Philadelphia), urban and rural areas of Nevada and eastern California, and Arizona.


Caitlin Simpson, NOAA Climate Program Office, RISA Program Director
Ben McMahan, University of Arizona and CLIMAS RISA, Research, Outreach, and Assessment Specialist
Tamara Wall, Western Regional Climate Center and California Nevada Applications Program (CNAP) NOAA RISA Team, Deputy Director and Co-PI
Neil Berg, RAND and MARISA RISA, Program Manager and Associate Physical Scientist
Dan Bader, Columbia University and CCRUN RISA, Program Manager

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