Accessing Federal Funding to Support Infrastructure Development

Symposium A13


TechVision21 will provide an interactive “class” on how to access Federal funding to support infrastructure demonstration and development. The Federal government has sources of funding that range from small grants of less than a million to multi-million dollar awards. TechVision21 will provide an overview of the Federal funding landscape, developing and executing a Federal funding strategy, and how to develop and write a competitive proposal. Workshop participants can offer examples of their experiences in working to access Federal funding, or projects for which they may seek funding, and TechVision21 will offer “mini-consultations” in the form of observations and limited advice. Founded in 2001, TechVision21 is an award-winning business strategy firm that has helped clients secure over $70 million in direct Federal grant funding.

Hon Kelly H Carnes, President and CEO, TechVision21
Anita Balachandra, Senior Vice President, TechVision21

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