The following posters have been accepted for presentation at the 2018 NCSE Conference and Global Forum. Posters are a great way to present your research, innovations, and initiatives relevant to sustainable infrastructure or other green fields. For attendees its a great way to learn about new research and work being done in the field, and an opportunity to talk to the researcher. Posters will be visible for the entirety of the conference for attendees to view.

Haven’t submitted your poster yet? You can do so here:

Climate Change and Resulting Floods: Using Social Capital to Strengthen Community Resilience Among Eastwick, Philadelphia
Natasha Bagwe

Showcasing a Cost-Effective, Feasible Net Zero Energy Renovation for an Existing Commercial Building in DC
Christine McEntee
American Geophysical Union

Optimizing Sustainable Reconstruction in an Era of Increasing Disasters
Vidushi Dwivedi, Daniel J Garcia, Stephen H. Carr, William M. Miller, Missaka Hettiarachchi, Anita van Breda, Mike M. McMahon
Northwestern University, World Wildlife Fund, Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern

Using Innovative Community-University Partnerships to Increase Social Resilience
Peter Friederici, Luis Fernandez, Ms. Madison Ledgerwood, Ms. Danielle Austin
Northern Arizona University

Infrastructure Summer Camp: Art-led Environmental Education to Reveal the Interdependence of Built and Natural Infrastructure
Jonee Kulman Brigham
Institute on the Environment and University of Minnesota

Pathways to Coastal Resiliency: the Adaptive Gradients Framework
Max Roman Dilthey
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Wetland Establishment in the Federal Reservoirs of Kansas to Increase Water Security
Gary Koons
Kansas State University and Stantec

Plattsburgh Power! Unique Service Utility Arrangements that Promote Environmental Behavior Change and Build Community
Curt Gervich
SUNY Plattsburgh Center for Earth & Environmental Science

Urban Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Finance in the Era of the Paris Accord
Peter B Meyer, Reimund Schwarze
University of Louisville, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

Municipal Food Recovery Strategies, Doing Good or Doing Well?: A Preliminary Study of Baltimore, MD
Diana Watts
Trinity Washington University

Preparing for Autonomous Mobility
Esther Zipori
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Sustainability Standards and Sustainability Reporting: Is the Accounting Profession Ready?
Jay Keith Baker
North Lake College

Incorporating Stormwater Management into an Environmental Curriculum
David Nadler
New York Institute of Technology

Sustaining Watersheds as Infrastructure: A Focus on Willingness to Pay for Ecosystem Services?
Adrienne Soder
Northern Arizona University

A Sustainable Solution to Global Warming: North American Renewable and Neutral Energy Alliance (NARNEA)
Thomas Clerkin, José Rial
UNC Chapel Hill

UDC East Capitol Urban Farm Community Compost Project
Kamran Zendehdel
University of the District of Columbia

Challenges and Innovations in Operationalizing the 2015 UN SDGs for Equity In Water and Energy Infrastructure Development
Catherine Drumheller
Oak Services, LLC

Online Learning Student Capstone Experiences
Crystal Fey
UW Extension and CEOEL

Greensboro Welcomes Green Bikes
Suzanne Williams Dorsett
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Market Analysis of Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption
Sarah Fischer
The Ohio State University School of Environment and Natural Resources


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