The following posters have been accepted for presentation at the 2018 NCSE Conference and Global Forum. Posters are a great way to present your research, innovations, and initiatives relevant to sustainable infrastructure or other green fields. For attendees its a great way to learn about new research and work being done in the field, and an opportunity to talk to the researcher. Posters will be visible for the entirety of the conference for attendees to view.


Sustainability Standards and Sustainability Reporting Is the Accounting Profession Ready?
Jay Keith Baker
North Lake College

Evaluation of Green Roofs Impact on Urban Stormwater and Heat Islands
Katherine Bartels
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Water Distribution System Adaptation to Increasing Temperatures
Emily Bondank
Arizona State University

Infrastructure Summer Camp: Art-led Environmental Education to Reveal the Interdependence of Built and Natural Infrastructure
Jonee Kulman Brigham
Institute on the Environment and University of Minnesota

Sea Stewards Handbook: A Resource for Promoting an Ocean Literate Society
Christian Brown, Alicia Keefe

A Sustainable Solution to Global Warming: North American Renewable and Neutral Energy Alliance (NARNEA)
Thomas Clerkin, José Rial
UNC Chapel Hill

Trash to Energy: From Waste Coffee and Seashells to Biofuel
Christopher de la Bastide, Yelda Hangun-Balkir
Manhattan College

Air Quality Modeling of a Green Infrastructure Scenario: A Case Study in Kansas City
Robyn Deyoung, Angie Shatas
Environmental Protection Agency

Pathways to Coastal Resiliency: the Adaptive Gradients Framework
Max Roman Dilthey, Pamela Judge, Elisabeth Hamin
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Challenges and Innovations in Operationalizing the 2015 UN SDGs for Equity In Water and Energy Infrastructure Development
Catherine Drumheller
Oak Services, LLC

Optimizing Sustainable Reconstruction in an Era of Increasing Disasters
Vidushi Dwivedi, Daniel J Garcia, Stephen H. Carr, William M. Miller, Missaka Hettiarachchi, Anita van Breda, Mike M. McMahon
Northwestern University, World Wildlife Fund, Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern

How to Play with Fire and Not Get Burned: Building an Evidence-Based Approach to Wildfire Risk Reduction in California
Barbara Elliot
Fleming College

Living on the Edge: Developing Climate Resilience in Coastal Cities
Barbara Elliot
Fleming College

Rethinking the Impervious City: an Integrated Approach to Stormwater Management in Canada’s Largest City
Barbara Elliot
Fleming College

Riding Out the Storm – The Case For Not Evacuating: A 72-Hour Disaster – Preparedness Plan for Miami-Dade County
Barbara Elliot
Fleming College

Cool Roofs for a Cooler Climate: A Comparative Study of the Elevated Urban Frontier
Barbara Elliot
Fleming College

Online Learning Student Capstone Experiences
Crystal Fey
UW Extension and CEOEL

Market Analysis of Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption
Sarah Fischer
The Ohio State University School of Environment and Natural Resources and The Ohio State University

Using Innovative Community-University Partnerships to Increase Social Resilience
Peter Friederici, Luis Fernandez, Madison Ledgerwood, Danielle Austin
Northern Arizona University

Plattsburgh Power! Unique Service Utility Arrangements that Promote Environmental Behavior Change and Build Community
Curt Gervich
SUNY Plattsburgh Center for Earth & Environmental Science

EPA’s Water Security Test Bed
James Goodrich, Tonya Nichols
Environmental Protection Agency

Remediation of Dyes by Biowaste from Wastewater
Logan William Graney, Yelda Hangun-Balkir
Manhattan College

Evaluating the Clean Power Plan and Its Impacts on Childhood Asthma Incidence Rates
Molly Hammersmith, Joy Dolejs
The University of Findlay

Climate Change Adaptation through Local Comprehensive Planning
Lara Hansen, Eric Mielbrecht, Stacey Justus Nordgren
EcoAdapt, Foresight Partners Consulting

Distributed Energy Generation for Climate Resilience
Eliza Hotchkiss
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NGOs and Sustainable Livelihoods: Lessons from Ecotourism in Indonesia
Chloe King
The George Washington University

Wetland Establishment in the Federal Reservoirs of Kansas to Increase Water Security
Gary Koons
Kansas State University and Stantec

Building Sustainability through Energy Management: Opportunities for Water/Wastewater Utilities in Latin America
Katy Lackey
Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

PSEG ISS / NJHEPS Green Teams Program: a corporate-academic-community partnership model to address sustainability issues
Jill Lipoti, Henry John-Alder, Amy R Tuininga, Rohan Padhye
Rutgers University, Montclair State University

Use of Data Analytics and Systems Dynamics to Analyze Oil Spillages in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria
Christian Madu, Benjamin C. Ozumba, Valentine E. Nnadi, Ikenna C. Ezeasor, Chuhua Kuei
Shell Center for Environmental Management & Control, University of Nigeria, Pace University

Helping States and Cities Build Affordable, Effective Capabilities to Recover from Radiological Disasters
Matthew Magnuson
Environmental Protection Agency

The Science Behind the Scene: Overview of Research to Support Contamination Incident Response & Recovery at EPA National Homeland Security Research Center
Matthew Magnuson
Environmental Protection Agency

Showcasing a Cost-Effective, Feasible Net Zero Energy Renovation for an Existing Commercial Building in DC
Christine McEntee, Caitlyn Camacho, Matthew Boyd, Roger Frechette
American Geophysical Union, Interface Engineering

Building Resilience: Career Pathways for the Next Generation of Resilience Workers (National Transportation Career Pathway Initiative)
Glenn McRae
Northeast Transportation Workforce Center at the University of Vermont

Urban Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Finance in the Era of the Paris Accord
Peter B Meyer, Reimund Schwarze
University of Louisville, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

Measuring Higher Education Students’ Sustainability-related Private and Public Behaviors and their Relationship with Sustainability-related Knowledge and Attitudes
Jessica Michel, Gary Weiser
Columbia University

Bio-drying Technology: A Sustainable Approach for Enhancing Pre-treatment and Thermal Properties of Green Waste
Mohammed Mutala
University of Kocaeli

Human Superpredators and the Built Environment Shape Carnivore Ecology across an Extensive Urban Ecosystem
Remington Moll
Michigan State University

Incorporating Stormwater Management into an Environmental Curriculum
David Nadler
New York Institute of Technology

The Use of Green Infrastructure and its Effects on Climate Change Resiliency in Philadelphia
Charlotte Shade
Villanova University

Agent-Based Modeling of Critical Infrastructures
Nima Shahriari, Adrian V. Gheorghe, Mamadou D. Seck
Old Dominion University

Air Quality Modeling of a Green Infrastructure Scenario: A Case Study in Kansas City
Angie Shatas, Robyn DeYoung
Environmental Protection Agency

Designing for Healthy Indoor Air: Building with Moisture Resistant Features from the Ground Up
Sarany Singer
Environmental Protection Agency

Sustaining Watersheds as Infrastructure: A Focus on Willingness to Pay for Ecosystem Services?
Adrienne Soder
Northern Arizona University

Addressing Indoor Heat Exposures for Vulnerable Populations through Building Modifications: State Perspectives
Elise Tolbert
ASPPH and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Infrastructural Science: A Useful Term for Understanding the Scientific Services Essential to Sustainability
Roger Turner
Dickinson College and Chemical Heritage Foundation

California’s Watershed Moment: Legislative Recognition of the Watershed as Critical Water Infrastructure
Scott Warner, Nicolette Caravelli
RAMBOLL, Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership

Greensboro Welcomes Green Bikes
Suzanne Williams Dorsett
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Preparing for Autonomous Mobility
Esther Zipori
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Holistic Sustainability Assessment of Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting
Santosh Ghimire
Global Sustainability and Life Cycle Consultant LLC and Contractor to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Human Behaviors Buildings, and Near Building Climates: Decision Support Tools to Increase Resilience of Urban Neighborhoods
Janette Thompson, Ulrike Passe
Iowa State University

Connecticut Drinking Water Vulnerability and Resilience Plan
Victoria Brudz, James O’Connell
University of Connecticut CIRCA

Applied Experiences in an Online Learning Environment; A Capstone Experience
Crystal Fey
University of Wisconsin-Extension

Interior Storm Water Management for DC’s Federal Triangle
Karolina Kawiaka
Dartmouth College

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