A Tale of Three Cities: Connecting Natural, Social and Built Infrastructure


Nature provides us with enjoyment, but also provides us with protection.  Natural defenses can protect our homes and our lives from storms, pollution, and help to keep us safe.  However, people don’t always understand how to use natural defenses for protection, and often these types of approaches are overlooked when we build cities, and roads, and buildings.  We often want to do things the way we are used to doing them, and new ideas can be considered frightening and unfamiliar.  This session will bring together experts on natural defenses from different parts of the country to help us all work together to figure out how we can better use natural systems to protect us and improve our lives.



Tracy Rouleau, President, TBD Economics, LLC
Katya Wowk, PhD, Harte Research Institute
Sally Yozell, Stimson Center
Diane Cameron, Stormwater Partners

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