A Climate Resiliency Decision Support Tool

Marilys Nepomechie, Department of Architecture, Florida International University (Moderator)
Rita Teutonico, Associate Dean of Research, Florida International University (Moderator)
Jeff Carney, Coastal Sustainability Studio, Louisiana State University
Robert O’Connor, Program Officer, Decision Risk & Management Sciences, National Science Foundation
David Grove, Rand Corp
Shahin Vassigh, Associate Dean, Sustainable Built Environment & Informatics, Florida International University


A holistic approach towards sustainability and resiliency of the built environment is complex, as the design, engineering, and construction of physical infrastructure must respond to a wide range of goals, disciplinary constraints, and conflicting criteria. Therefore, developing an integrative approach to support environmental decision-making involves understanding the complex and dynamic processes of interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as interactions among domain experts with diverse perspectives.
Currently, there are no comprehensive visualization tools for effective interdisciplinary built environment resiliency analysis and design decision making. This workshop will discuss and seek input from multiple disciplinary experts for developing such a tool. The primary goal of the session is a clear identification of available technologies, issues, variables, datasets for processing, and suitable analytical tools to be used for its development. Building on recent advances in GIS, Building Information Modeling (BIM), LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) panoramic imaging, 2D and 3D modeling programs and recent capabilities of immersive software and hardware, participants will discuss technologies, critical climate information and strategies that must be incorporated to develop this decision-making and visualization platform.


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