Building resilience through the climate science and social equity nexus

Symposium C9


This panel will bring perspectives on increasing resilience by strengthening the social, built (residential and commercial buildings and the electric grid) and natural infrastructure. Major recent disasters like Harvey and Irma call for robust federal leadership and significant resources that are equitably distributed and prioritized on pre-disaster preventive measures. Given all these vast challenges posed by a changing climate, our nation’s responses must be robust. We need to phase-out current maladaptive policies and measures that perpetuate risky coastal development. We should increase resilience by using existing policy frameworks such as the National Flood Insurance Program, and reinstating the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. Congress and the Administration should scale up funding for pre-disaster preventive measures. Finally, we must create and fund new policies and measures that respond to the full extent of the challenges communities will face.


Damien Jones, Environmental Justice Outreach Advocate, Climate & Energy, The Union of Concerned Scientists (moderator)
Ryan Colker, Director, Consultative Council/Presidential Advisor for the National Institute of Building Sciences
Alice Hill, Research Fellow, The Hoover Institute, Stanford University
Rachel Cleetus, Lead Economist, The Union of Concerned Scientists
Julie McNamara, Energy Analyst, The Union of Concerned Scientists

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