NCSE Conference is an event that brings people of like-minds together.

It focuses on showcasing the role of science in environmental sustainability and protection. People from all walks of life attend this event to share ideas on how science can solve many environmental issues.

Attendees get an opportunity to share ideas and experiences relevant to environmental protection. Founded over a decade ago, we’ve held many sessions that have successfully showcased the interrelationship between science and the environment.

About Us

NCSE Conference is an event focused on science and the environment. We help explain the role of science in environmental protection.

Science plays an essential role in enacting, deploying and enforcing environmental law. Many statutes are enacted based on risk or health, technology and science standards.

Regulatory discourse is also based on probabilities, science and assessment of risks. However, the interdisciplinary nature of these issues raise various social, legal, ethical and economic concerns.

Science And Environment

Science can solve many sophisticated environmental challenges such as loss of biodiversity, climate change, poverty reduction, and pollution. It provides new solutions and approaches to solving existing problems.

Projects and Offerings

We feature various science and environment projects on this page. Navigate through this page to explore different science projects aimed at saving the environment from pollution and effects of climate change such as global warming.

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